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OnionPay offers your business the safest and fastest way to get paid.

Merchants can integrate OnionPay's payment services in their own websites or APPs to realize payment services in offline and online scenarios.


Send a cooperation intention email to the email address, and the business will communicate with you.


Merchants get the KYC form link and complete it, OnionPay will review it.

Sandbox Environment

After the KYC is passed, OnionPay will send the account and password of the sandbox environment by email, and the merchant can obtain the API key in the portal of the sandbox environment for integration and docking. There is an order status simulation function in the portal of the sandbox environment, which can completely go through the creation, payment, and callback processes.

Production Environment

After signing the contract, OnionPay will send the production environment and account password by email. Merchants can replace the API key and gateway address with the production environment and start trading after going online.